College Library


The college library contains 28112 book to be used by the membes of the staff and students of the college. Other persons specially permitted by the Principal are entitled to use the library.


  1. The library remains open from 10.30 A.M to 4.30 P.M on all working days.
  2. The library remains closed on Sundays and authorised holidays.
  3. The last period of every day is set apart for office work of library. During that peiod no books are issued or returned.
  4. Arrangements are made to keep the library open duing the long vacations.
  5. Every borrower is supposed to know the rules governing the library as furnised below and supposed to have agreed to abide by them. Ignorance of these rules will be no excuse of the breach for any one of them.


  1. Each borrower must examine the condition of the book before it is recived by her. In case of mutilation discovered later the presumption will be against the borrower and she will be fined an amount triple the cost of the book.
  2. When the date for return of a book falls on public hoilday it should be returned to the library on the day the college reopens after the hoildays.
  3. Books in the possession of a borrower should be returned to the library before the college closes for vacation, on or before the date notified for the purpose.
  4. Anybody in possesion of the library book shall return them to the library whenever she receives a requistion notice to that effect from the librarian.
  5. Books taken out of the library must be returned to the librarian and to nobody else.
  6. No marking shall be made in the library books nor pictures or pages be removed or torn or otherwise disfigured. In the extreme cases the borrower shall be asked to replace the books damaged by her and also will have to pay a fine imposed by the Principal.
  7. A brrower against whom any over due or other charge is standing shall not be allowed to borrow book from the library.
  8. No books should be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the librarian and until it has been properly entered in the loan register and entry attested by the borrower.
  9. All those who happen to be inside the library are expected to observe strict silence.
  10. (a) The librian is entitiled to see that silence is strictly maintained and to report any wilful breach of the rule.
    (b) Members of the teacheing staff are also expected to use their influence to promote the observation of this rule whenever they are in the library and to report to the Principal cases of deliberate disobedience and misbehaviour. All kinds of talking except what is absolutely necessary for the transaction of library is forbidden inside the library.
  11. None but the members of the teaching staff may go beyond the library counter. Persons who might get special permission from the Principal may also work inside the library.
  12. The following is the list showing the maximum number of books that may be issued to various classes of borrowers.
    Membes of the teaching staff 10 each
    Office staff 3 each
    +2 Ist Yr. and 2nd Yr. studnets 1 each
    +3 Ist Yr., 2nd Yr. and 3rd Yr. students 2 each
    All Honours students 3 each
  13. A book once issued to a borrower may be re-issued to her only when the book is not in demand. Books should be returned to the librarian for necessary entries in the register.
  14. Books of reference, maps, current issue of periodicals, courses of studies and question papers shall not be issued for use at home without the special permission of the Prinicipal.
  15. The borrowers will have to return the books within a specific period as mentioned below:
    Member of the teaching staff 30 days
    Office staff 15 days
    Students 15 days
    Magazine issued to members of the teaching staff 15 days
  16. Any book lost, damaged or defaced by a borrower must be replaced by her. If a book is one of a set or series and the volume cannot be obtained singly, the whole set or series must be replaced at the borrower's cost. If the book is rare or irreplaceable the borrower has to pay an amount up to ten times the catalogue price of the book.
  17. In case where the price of the lost book cannot be ascertained, the borrower has to pay compensation any amount fixed by the Principal.
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