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A few honourable women, all from respectable background, shared a dream in early 1960s. Their dream was simple : to set up a college in Puri town exclusively for women. Some of them even went to the extent of selling potatoes on the streets as part of a fund-raising campaign to materialise their dream. Smt. Pratima Mishra, Smt. Kuntala Kumari Acharya luminous names both-spearheaded the campaign for a women’s college. Conservative society and culture not withstanding, they braved sarcasm and stood on their feet, and more importantly, stuck to their mission. Christened Mahila College, their dream college was born in 1961 under private college management in mahavirprasad Dharmasala on rental basis. The significant factor is, a college was born for women. The concept of “empower-ment” was not in currency then, but these women knew what they were doing. The college started off with only six students and five lecturers under the principalship of the renowned professor Kishor Mohan Dwivedi. It was only a matter of time for the Government of Odisha to take notice and confer upon the College the status of its being a Govt. College in 1965. Honours programmes started in 1970. and Govt. Women’s Junior college was established in 2001 with Arts stream only. The science & commerce streams in +2 have opened from 2013-14 session.

The College, unfortunately, ran in a rented building for too long a time to really go for expansion. After a long wait, the college moved house to its own campus only in 2002, that is, after about 42 years ! It now runs on a 3.5 acres campus, ensconced all around by trees and greenery with facilities adequate to its academic requirement. The new building was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri Naveen Patnaik on 10.12.2002. Moving to the location marked a literal second birth of the college. There is, since then, an air of hope and aspiration that the college will now live up to its mission- of empowering women, providing quality teaching, involving students and staff in community activities, incorporating computer and information technology into various programmes, and, above all, inculcating in women a sense of gender equality, equal opportunity, and self-reliance.

Students of this college have a wide range of options in co-and extracurricular activities like NCC, NSS, Red Cross, Ranger, Self-Defence, Nature Club, Debating Society, Computer Centre, Internet, etc.

There is a grievance redressal mechanism in operation, and an alumni association of the College. An academic plan is circulated among the members of the staff at the beginning of every academic session so as to enable them to manage their workload and responsibility. Monthly review meeting takes stock of progress.

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